Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Next to godliness

We thought giving three kids baths at bedtime was hard.

But nothing compares to the logistics of trying to squeeze in a bath for the new baby. In our defense, he doesn't get nearly as filthy as the others, so we've kind of lacked a compelling reason to make regular baths a part of his routine. Aside from that bath they gave him at the hospital, and the occasional wipe down we've given him here and there during some of our calmer moments, poor Levi has gone without a real bath since birth. 

All that changed today.

Abby was puzzled by this odd interruption to our mid-morning routine. "Does he need a bath 'cause he stinks so much?" she asked matter-of-factly.

Well, yes. That, and I was starting to feel like a pretty shabby mom for not spending all that time lathering and lotioning my fourth the way I did my first.
Levi slept through the whole bath, so I'm guessing he wasn't too bothered by the total lack of privacy. Privacy's a pretty hot commodity around here. Better that he go ahead and get used to it while he's young.

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