Friday, August 10, 2012

It does a body good

Contestant number four enjoys drinking milk, gaining weight, and growing taller.

At the one month mark, Levi is two pounds heavier and two inches longer than he was at birth. He's still packing on about an ounce a day, still eating like a champ seven times a day, and only waking us up once at night. After noticing he was bursting a little at the seams in his newborn diapers, we wisely opened up our size 1 box. A combination of mushy sentimentalism and postpartum hormones made this a weepy event for me. My little guy is growing up! (I know, I know...he's only a month old. But I'm never getting that month back! Where does the time go?)

The other three still adore him, but they're getting a little bored with his lack of interaction.

Abby loves to get right in his face and wait for his eyes to roll her way. "He's looking at me!" she'll squeal with delight. Then a moment later, "Oh. Nevermind. He's asleep now."

Caleb is still determined to teach his youngest brother to talk, and doesn't seem the least bit frustrated when Levi fails to acknowledge his requests to say puppy, or milk, or Daddy. He's a persistent little three-year-old, and we're going to have to give him full credit whenever Levi finally does say his first word.

Jacob has discovered that tummy time is the perfect time to play with his little brother, since his little brother's back makes a mountain perfectly scaled to the monster trucks he wants to drive. The fact that the mountain wiggles and arches makes it that much more fun.

Happy one month birthday, little Levi!

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