Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hello, cuteness.

Levi celebrated the two week anniversary of his emancipation from the womb by wowing his doctor with his cuteness and his impressive weight gain. My healthy little eater packed on nine ounces since last week! And I was granted permission to drop one of his feedings. (After all the trouble we had with Jacob, I'm hesitant to do anything with Levi's nursing schedule without first doing a weight check.)

It's not easy being a growing baby, and Levi is doing his best to rest up. We are rejoicing in the five-hour stretch of sleep he's giving us between feedings at night and hoping this trend continues.

We're finally getting his days and nights sorted out, and we're enjoying a lot more awake time during the day now. This comes as a great surprise to the big kids, who have grown accustomed to seeing me move around the house with a floppy sleeping baby in my arms. "Levi's awake!" they exclaim each time they see his eyes open. This is becoming a very big deal around here. 

Not willing to let a moment go to waste, I've devoted my middle-of-the-night feeding to crossing some literature off my summer reading list. I've finished four books so far and am hoping to finish up the complete works of C.S. Lewis by the time Levi starts sleeping through the night. Or maybe I'll take the advice of the 11-year-old across the street and read the Harry Potter series. Time will tell.

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