Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bombs bursting in air

After last year's debacle where the fireworks were cancelled (twice!) due to inclement weather, we were more than happy to keep the kids up way past their bedtimes to enjoy the July 4th festivities this year. While the excitement of the exploding fireworks failed to jump start my labor, it did manage to entertain two-thirds of the kiddos outside the womb. Since last year was a bust, this was Jacob's first Fourth of July. His enthusiasm did not disappoint.

Abby, who has been counting down to Independence Day for 365 days, lost interest in the fireworks only briefly, when a family nearby offered to let her partake in their sparkler festivities. Holding fire now seems to rank right up there with petting frogs and riding ferris wheels.

And my sleepy little Caleb was more than happy to sit in the car with his hands over his ears and repeatedly remind us that it was dark outside and he was supposed to be in bed.

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