Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blink. Blink. Blink.

He fits right in, just the way I knew he would.

When Abby, Caleb and Jacob all pile onto the couch for a round of "Just one more book, please, Mommy," Levi's right there on my lap.

When they're dividing up engines and cabooses to drive on the train track that runs through the living room and into my kitchen, I find that one of my eldest has made a pile for Levi, though he's still much too young to drive them.

Where their newest little brother will one day sit at the table is an ongoing dinner topic.

At just three weeks old, Levi is every bit as much a part of this family as if he had been here all along. Hardly a thought is given to the days and years before his arrival. I am pleasantly surprised, to say the least, at how smoothly the transition has gone, and praying that things continue to go well as my kids (and I!) adjust to our new normal.

Levi is doing his part to help out this week by sleeping for a glorious seven hours between feedings at night. The downside is that when he wakes up at 5 a.m., he's pretty much wide awake with no chance of going back to bed right away. But I'll happily start my day  at 5 in the morning if it means I can go to bed--and stay there--after his 10 p.m. feeding. If this keeps up, he may get to skip Baby Boot Camp. (That's the special training our babies are eligible for once they hit the 10-pound mark. Ten-pound babies, we've been told by a number of pediatricians, can sleep through the night. Sometimes they just need to be reminded that they possess such a skill.)

Caleb is keeping a mental tally of all the things Levi can't do, including: eat cookies, sit up, swim, play with Sharky, use the potty, go down the slide, brush his teeth, catch bugs, eat popsicles and talk. I think I may use this as my new checklist of baby milestones to meet. Caleb's list is much more interesting than the one they gave me at the pediatrician's office.

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