Saturday, June 9, 2012

No added preservatives

Our Saturday began, as most do, with an early morning drive to the farmer's market to pick up our week's worth of fruits and veggies from a nearby farm that the kids and I visited on a field trip a while back. After that, Daddy had big plans that included taking the big kids fishing. Jacob and I and my big belly were along for the ride, with the promise of an awesome park to play on while the others tried to reel in dinner. The park was as awesome as described, and Jacob wore himself out climbing up and down equipment and slides that were totally inappropriate for his age. I enjoyed only having to supervise one crazy child, and even managed to squeeze in a few trips down the two-story slide with him before he tired of my company and insisted on flying solo.
Abby, Caleb and Justin trekked out to the middle of the river and spent a while casting and catching nothing before a kind fisherman nearby offered to pass along the trout he was reeling in that he had no intention of keeping. Justin learned the hard way that our eldest son is a sensitive little fellow when it comes to wildlife, and while Caleb loves to pet the fish while they're swimming in the bucket and eat the fish when they come out of the oven, he does not enjoy that interim step where their heads are bashed against a rock before they get put on ice for the drive home. 
Abby, on the other hand, is fascinated with blood and bones and how bodies are put together--including the bodies of fish. She was a willing assistant in the gutting and preparation of our portion of protein for the evening. 
When it all came together at suppertime, we sat back and enjoyed an entire meal of foods that traveled less than 40 minutes to get to our plates. This, we've decided, is probably about as local and organic as we'll ever be. We bragged about it to the only audience we had, but the four-and-under age group was not nearly as impressed as they should have been. 

Until we offered them pre-packaged store-bought lemon cookies for dessert. I guess you have to draw the line somewhere.

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