Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reel fun day, reel good dinner

If you ask Caleb what he did this weekend, the summary goes something like this:

"I went fishing with Daddy and caught trout on my fishing pole. Then Daddy cut their heads off. Then we ate them."

He's shaping up to be a much better story teller than me, really. But what you miss in my three-year-old's brief narrative is the sheer joy he felt at being able to spend the morning on the river with his Daddy and bringing dinner home for the family.

After a quick stop for breakfast, Caleb and Justin headed out for their day of fishing. To ensure maximum success for this kids' fishing event, the Department of Natural Resources arrived early to stock the river full of trout, and the kids and parents helped out by hauling them to the river in five-gallon buckets.

After that, my outdoorsy little guy spent the morning luring them back into his bucket with his very own rod and reel and some power bait.

But not corn. He ate all the bait corn.

When they returned home, the fishermen prepped their catch for dinner. (Caleb brought in four trout in all, but two of them managed to flop back into the water.) Caleb spent a good deal of time "petting" his headless, gutted fish after they went into the fridge. He was pretty stoked that we were finally going to eat something he caught.

Together, Justin and Caleb prepared a delicious lemon-dill trout meal for us. We all thanked my eldest son profusely for providing dinner for the family tonight. He beamed with pride and smiled that great big Caleb smile that I love so much.

"You're welcome!" he replied, each time with growing enthusiasm. "Thanks for eating my fish!"


  1. AWWWWWE - I sure do miss your family. Especially you at MPC Mops! Love those pics!

  2. I started fishing at about his age... sadly the only thing I caught was a turtle.

    Kennedy was looking at this with me and kept saying, "That's my friend. That's my friend Caleb."