Monday, April 2, 2012

Sleep, baby sleep

I mentioned back in January, when my stinky little starfish had his cast removed, that his finger injury and subsequent healing period totally eliminated our morning nap. (I say our nap, because while Jacob was the only one napping, it was truly beneficial to the entire family that he did so.)

None of my children have given up their morning nap that early. He was 14 months old then, and he's barely 17 months old now. This is the time I would expect to see signs that he was ready to maybe try dropping down to one hefty afternoon nap. I knew he still needed the morning nap. (I consider myself an expert on all things Jacob.) So about a month ago, I began Morning Nap Boot Camp in an effort to give my baby what he needs: the gift of extra sleep.

And it worked.

It may be short lived, but for now, I have my morning napper back. It's a truly beautiful thing.

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