Sunday, April 1, 2012


Palm Sunday presented another opportunity for me to watch my eldest children display their two distinctly different personalities while singing for a large group of people.

Abby is the beaming face in the middle wearing the pink shoes and shouting "Hosanna" at the top of her lungs. That palm branch may as well have been a gallon jug of glitter the way she was waving it around. She was totally in her element.

Caleb, on the other hand? He's the angry green shirt in the front trying to get as far away from those screaming kids as possible, and primed to punch the next kid who whacks him in the face with a big ol' leaf. He managed to hang on until the end, but he was happiest when the processional was finally making its way out of the sanctuary.

And I caught the entire three minute ordeal on film. I'm sure they're all going to appreciate how well I've documented these precious moments one day.

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