Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ninety minutes

When we work as a team, the hubby and I sure can get a lot accomplished.

This morning, he took a quick break from his day job to help with a little overscheduling problem I found myself in (a result of not carrying my enormous planner with me everywhere I go).

We left the house at 9:45, two kids in his car, one in mine. When we met back home at 11:15, two kids had been to the dentist, one had been to his three year check-up, and we grown-ups had exercised our right to vote.

Jacob wasn't scarred for life by his first dental check-up, Abby earned a new stuffed frog after reporting back to the dentist about the success of her Stop Thumb Sucking campaign, Caleb racked up a goodie bag and a Tow Mater sticker from his doctors' visits, and all five of us came home with stickers telling the world that we voted.

And we did it all in just an hour and a half. We totally rocked this parenting thing today.

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  1. This reminds me I need to make an appointment for Jonas....Who do you take Abbey and Caleb too? I am scared to find out the results of what Jonas's teeth look like. Jonas fights me tooth and nail on brushing his teeth....haha no pun intended