Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It has frogs, and it twirls

As of today, my four-year-old is officially convinced there's nothing her mom can't do. This may or may not be a good thing.

She's observed my slow progress on her Easter dress over the past few weeks, and had asked if she could pick out her fabric next time I make her something. Truth be told, I had planned to complete the Easter dress and bask in the glow of having accomplished that sewing project for a long time before starting another one.

But she persisted, and yesterday, with coupons in hand, we headed to the fabric store early in the morning to let her do some shopping.

In a move that didn't surprise me in the least, she found the most adorable pink frog fabric in the store, paired it with some lime green, and then asked if it was on sale. (It was.) I've trained her well.

We came home, scoured the internet for some simple projects, blew off all our chores for the day, and got to work. By the time the kids woke from their naps, the fabric was pressed and ready to go. We measured, trimmed, destroyed an old pair of jeans, then took a break to eat leftovers for dinner.

After dinner, the sewing machine took over the table again. Abby removed pins as her soon-to-be skirt took shape, and Caleb sat across from us at the table, collecting scraps of fabric and telling us all about the pants he was making for Sharkie.

Our project was completed just as Abby was settling down for the night. But I was too excited to let that stop me (and I knew she would be, too). So I tiptoed into her room, turned her light back on, and showed her our finished product. She immediately hopped out of bed, exchanged her frog pajamas for her new frog skirt, and marched down stairs to show Daddy.

This may be the first time I've ever completed a project that quickly. Now if I could just find time to sew the last button on that Easter dress...

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  1. This makes me smile!!!!!! I LOVE Abby's skirt, her fabric choices, and her joy that is obvious. Great job!