Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Waitin' on Sprout: Severely outnumbered

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.
--Psalm 127:3

I've hung out with my fair share of moms with three boys, and I've seen how they wear that badge with pride.

Today, I join their ranks.

We're halfway through our journey to meet the newest little fish, and today's ultrasound revealed that we will be meeting our third son this summer. We greeted our kids with a big bag of blue balloons to share the news. Once the excitement of a bag of new balloons wore off, we were able to more accurately gauge their reactions.
Jacob is completely ambivalent about the idea of a little brother, as one might expect. (He is, however, thrilled with the idea of more balloons.)

Caleb is so excited he can barely contain himself. After the mayhem of the big balloon reveal settled down, he ran to me, bear hugged my legs, and in true Caleb fashion, looked up at me and said "Thank you for my new little brother Mommy!"

Abby is still working through what this new information means for her. She has prayed pretty heartily for more than two years now for a little sister, and she was a little surprised that the answer was no. But more recently, she has prayed nightly for the health of this new baby, and that God would protect her new sibling as it grows in Mommy's belly.

We were delighted to tell her today that all signs point to God answering that prayer. The ultrasound looked great, the baby measured right on track for his July 12 due date, and all development seems healthy and normal. He was a pretty relaxed little guy, and required a little poking and prodding from the technician in order to get his hands and feet out from in front of his face so she could get a good picture of him. He may have been sleeping, and was definitely sucking his thumb for the majority of the time we were able to look at him. He was not shy, and within about a second of confirming that yes, we did want to know if it was a boy or a girl, the first view we got of him provided a very clear answer to that question. 

I am severely outnumbered now. And I am very, very blessed.

Praise God for today's good reports! We look forward with joy to meeting our son in July!


  1. Congratulations! Hope he's as expressive as Abby, thoughtful as Caleb and cute as Jacob. :) But truly the best part about this picture is Abby...her outfit...that "move". Nice.

  2. Congratulations!!!