Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teacher's pet

Dressed and ready for school by the time breakfast is cleaned up?


Proper lefty grip when we're working on our letters?


Completing assignments before moving on to the next activity?


Caleb totally has this teacher's pet thing mastered. And we haven't even really started preschool yet.

Even when we move on to a less Caleb-friendly activity (cutting with real scissors, for instance) he's perfectly content to offer whatever form of help he can come up with, then watch Abby as she meticulously works through her studies.
On this particular day, he choose to draw "shapes" for her to cut out.

Bless her heart. She couldn't bear to tell him that "squiggly lines going everywhere" is not a shape. She thanked him, and did her best to cut out exactly what he handed her.
These kids make great classmates.

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