Sunday, February 5, 2012


We played hooky this morning.

The kids were not pleased. They complained about staying home and demanded to know why we weren't going to church.

"But we're not sick anymore!" they insisted. Their dad joined the chorus.

No, we're not sick anymore. But this tired mom has had about all she can take over the last few weeks. The pinkie finger is healing, the fever is gone, the tummy ache woes are less frequent, the ear infection is clearing up, the sniffles are waning, and the cough seems to be subsiding. It's been a week since we've made a trip to the emergency room, and three days since we've been to the doctor. These are not records, but around here, they are becoming numbers to be proud of. After a few long weeks of various illness and injury, things finally seem to be looking up.

I just need to know we're going to be okay for a few more days. So I extended our family quarantine for another 24 hours.

And the weather just happened to be perfect on this Sunday morning for traipsing over the river and through the woods and building mud castles in the backyard.

So much for all those complaints.

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