Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dry thumbs

Oh that? That's her celebratory breakfast.

You stop sucking your thumb, and we'll take you out for muffins and hot chocolate too.

We've tried everything to get Abby to stop sucking her thumb. That bitter nail polish? She licked it off. Treats and rewards? She's not concerned with impressing us. Nope, this kid does what she wants. And for more than four years now, she's wanted to suck her thumb at bedtime and naptime, so that's what she's done.

Until the dentist suggested that she might want to consider stopping so she didn't change the shape of her pretty smile. That sounded like a good idea to her, so she came home and informed us she would no longer be sucking her thumb. Just like that.

I'll be honest. I didn't think she could do it. She's been sucking this thumb since before she was born (we have ultrasound pictures to prove it). No one just breaks a bad habit like that. But somehow she mustered up all the will power she had (the same will power she's been using to fight our efforts to get her to stop before) and she did it.

So we treated her to breakfast to congratulate her on her newest Big Girl feat. We love any excuse to celebrate around here.

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