Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two out of three

I didn't set out to collect hospital bracelets. It just seems to be happening that way.

If we can't go more than four weeks (to the minute, practically) without visiting the Emergency Room, something is wrong. And we're adding another one to this family come July. I'm hoping to nip this Saturday-night-ER-field-trip thing in the bud by then. Although having the emergency entrance to the local children's hospital programmed into my GPS might be kind of a bad sign.

At least no one's finger got chopped off this time. A freakishly high fever and acute abdominal pain are no fun (just ask the four year old with those symptoms...she'll tell you how miserable she is). But they sure beat the blood and gore of our last visit.

Two hours and a popsicle later, they pumped her full of fever reducers, sent us home and told us to bring her back if it gets worse. 

I'm hoping that one bracelet with her name on it is enough for now. I'm a little tired of spending my Saturday nights in kids' triage.

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